Renting rooms

There are ten classrooms with standard equipment in the Centre available for rent when unused. Capacity 24-36 seats; in one classroom there are 60 seats (chairs with desks).

  • Arrangement
  • slide projector
  • video recorder
  • data projector

Available for rent is also a computer laboratory equipped with SunRay terminals with application server Win2003.
Capacity - 12 seats.

Possibility to rent five seminar rooms with the capacity of 18-20 seats without technical equipment.

Eliška Blažková, telefon 543 559 582
Renting of classrooms and seminar rooms


Jan Navrátil, DiS., tel.: 543 559 255
Ing. Lukáš Holešovský, tel.: 543 559 254

Specification of equipment computer classroom